Who needs a nutritionist?

We should all go to the nutritionist, but it is of vital importance for patients with diseases such as:

* Overweight.
* Chronic-degenerative diseases like: Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Obesity.
* Good physical health but lack of energy.
* Prior to and during a reductive treatment and aesthetic surgeries.
* Difficulty losing weight, even with multiple diets.
* Digestive problems and eating disorders.
* Pregnancy and lactation.
* Food allergy and intolerance


To complement the improvement of your silhouette, we can recommend according to the need and evaluation of each patient the following technologies:

* Mono and bipolar radiofrequency..
* Radiofrequency Venus Freeze.
* Ultra Cavitation (Ultrasonic Liposuction).
* Cryolipolysis.
* Vacuum

You’ll get:

* Satisfactory and long-lasting results since the first session.
* Improved metabolism.
* Elimination of adiposities.
* Significant decrease in cellulite.
* Decreased waist circumference.
* Muscle toning and more.

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