We are a dermatological center that for 10 years has been distinguished by providing its patients with integral quality and state-of-the-art service as a specialized clinic in the care of the skin, hair and nails, as well as the most advanced services and aesthetic technologies of the national and international market.

Being the largest dermatological center in the country, we remain constant in our mission to fulfill satisfactorily the needs of all patients in search of an improvement in the quality of life of their skin.

We have a certified, professional, warm and efficient work team;Our specialists are members of the Council and the Mexican Society of Dermatology, the Mexican Society of Dermatological and Oncological Surgery, as well as the Ibero Latin American College of Dermatology.

Dermatological Laser & Cosmetic offers the following specialties and their respective services

Body Molding :Treatments: Elimination of Adiposities, Stretch Marks and Cellulite, Cryolipolysis, Cavitation, Radiofrequency Venus Freeze & Radiofrequency Fraction.

Diseases of the Skin, Hair and Nails : Dermatitis , Psoriasis, Alopecia, Skin Cancer, Allergies& more.

Elimination of :: Acne, Scars, Stains, Nail Fungi, Lunares, Polka Dots, etc.

Nutrition: Nutrition Assessment and Counseling, Diabetes and Cholesterol Control, Weight Control, Colitis Treatments, Gastritis and more.

Facial Rejuvenation: Botox and Facial Filling, Focused Ultrasound, CO2 Laser, Venus Freeze Radiofrequency, IPL Photofacial, Lumimax, Peeling, Microdermabrasion, Hydra PEEL, Deep Cleansing Facial and more.


Our goal is to provide the highest quality, warmth and professionalism in our attention and as well as state-of-the-art technology.


We are a skin clinic made up of a group of medical specialists certified by the Council of Dermatology and members of the Mexican Society of Dermatology and Mexican Society of Dermatological and Oncological Surgery.

Why Dermatology?

We have the best and most effective alternative to rejuvenation treatment.


Dr. Martín Izabal F. |Dermatologist, Dermatopathologist.

Dra. Alejandra Ramos V. |Dermatologist

Dr. Rodrigo Madrigal |Dermatologist

Dra. Sandra Vázquez L. |Dermatologist

Dr. Isaí del Valle|Dermatologist, Internist.

Dr. Carlos Borrego |Dermatologist

Dr. Rafael Castro Velázquez|Dermatologist, Surgeon Dermatologist.

Dra. Alaide Peña Corona V.|Dermatologist

Dra. Ana Laura Valencia H.|Dermatologist

Dra. Mar Azul Rosa Madrigal.|Angiologist

L.N. Carolina Zazueta       |Nutritionists

L.N. Lizeth Echeagaray     |Nutritionists

L.N. Yanabel Rivera           |Nutritionists


Mexico City